We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our criminal defence solicitors service is free to use.
Everyone is entitled to free advice at the police station and we strongly advise you to take up the right to a solicitor. Contrary to popular belief you may find that you a need a solicitor even if you are completely innocent of the offences that you have been arrested for.

We can also represent a friend or a relative of yours if they have been arrested.

If you would like one of our experienced criminal defence solicitors to assist then you only need say our name to the custody staff and we will be immediately on hand to represent you.

If you want us to represent a friend or relative, call us on 01582 480431 for an immediate response.


A member of the Alexander Bennett Solicitor team can attend any police station in England and Wales with very little notice. Out of office hours we are conveniently located close by to most police stations in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Contrary to what the police may tell you, we will not delay your release and it is more likely that the police will interview you sooner if they know that you have a solicitor representing you. From the moment we are instructed we will maintain contact with the officers dealing with your case to ensure that they are doing all that they can to speed up your release.

If you believe that the police wish to speak to you regarding an offence, we may be able to obtain more information on your behalf. Furthermore we may be able to arrange an appointment for you to attend the police station. This avoids the embarrassment of being arrested in front of friends, family or colleagues.

The right representation at the police station may make all the difference in your case.

Ensure that you make the best possible impression in your police interview and ask for Alexander Bennett Solicitors as soon as you are arrested.

Voluntary Interviews with the Police

These are interviews under caution with the police. They are becoming more and more common as the police attempt to save money by arresting fewer people. In these interviews you will not be arrested but you are still being interviewed as a suspect. Anything you say to the police in such an interview can later be used against you in court.

The interview may take place in a police station, at home or somewhere else. You have the right to be represented by a criminal solicitor from Alexander Bennett Solicitors during any such interview and this representation is free.

 Why should I call Alexander Bennett Solicitors?

  • because you can call and speak immediately to an experienced criminal solicitor;
  • because we will assist you for free;
  • because we are available at short notice;
  • because you will usually be dealt with by a specialist criminal Solicitor with over 10 years experience in dealing with your type of case;
  • because we are independent and will act only in your best interests;
  • because if the case evolves from the voluntary interview to court proceedings, you will normally be dealt with by the same person throughout.

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